Tourism in Mauritius: new perspectives for a sustainable growth  

The tourism sector in Mauritius has been the subject of significant measures in the 2024/2025 budget, reflecting the strategic importance of this industry to the island’s economy. According to the United Nations, tourism in Mauritius has recovered to 94% of pre-pandemic levels. Hence exceeding the world average of 88%.   

In 2023, tourism revenues increased by 36% compared to 2019, reaching Rs 86 billion. This growth is driven by the attraction of tourists with higher purchasing power and longer stays. The target for 2024 is to reach 1.4 million tourist arrivals and Rs 100 billion in tourism revenues.  

To support the promotion and marketing of Mauritius:  

  • The destination promotion and marketing budget of the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority will be increased. An increase by 20% to Rs 600 million.  
  • The subsidy granted to Small and Medium Enterprises for projects undertaken by small hotel associations is increased to Rs 800,000.  
  • The amount under the SME Reimbursement Scheme for Participation in International Fairs is increased to Rs 275,000. 
Tourisme île Maurice

To facilitate the use of pleasure craft, jetties will be built at Trou d’Eau Douce and Black River. Another measure announced is the implementation of the e-Gate and e-Passport to improve the travel experience.   

To further develop the sports economy, the Economic Development Board will draw up a National Strategy for Adventure Tourism to position Mauritius as an attractive destination for sports and adventure tourism. The government will also continue to promote the development of sustainable tourism to make Mauritius a Certified Green Destination by 2030.   

These measures aim to further strengthen Mauritius’ position as a leading tourist destination, while preserving its natural resources and offering visitors unforgettable experiences. 

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