Mauritian cuisine, a blend of flavours and heritage

Welcome to the enchanting world of Mauritian cuisine. A true crossroads where Indian, Chinese, Creole, French and African culinary traditions meet. With every dish, every bite, you can savour the history and soul of this island of a thousand flavours. 

Cultural influences   

Mauritian cuisine is a living testimony to the history of its people. The first influences came from the Indian population who arrived in the 19th century. They brought with them a treasure trove of exotic spices such as turmeric, cumin and cardamom. These vibrant flavors still permeate iconic dishes such as fish curry and biryani, a fragrant, spicy rice dish.  

Chinese immigrants also left their mark, introducing wok cooking techniques and ingredients such as soy and ginger. Stir-fried noodles and fragrant broths are perfect examples, harmoniously integrating elements of Chinese cuisine into the Mauritian palette.  

The Creoles, a mix of descendants of African slaves and French colonists, have enriched local cuisine with dishes such as rougaille, a spicy tomato and garlic-based stew.  

Traditional Mauritian dishes  

Chinese-influenced Mauritian dish   

Fried noodles sautéed with crunchy vegetables and chunks of meat or seafood, is a must-try that testifies to the ability of Mauritian cooks to adapt Chinese flavors to their own style.  

Indian-influenced Mauritian dish 

The dholl puri, a flatbread made from chickpea and flour, served with cooked peas and an assortment of chutneys and pickles, perfectly embodies the essence of Mauritius’s Indian heritage.  

Mauritian dish with Creole influence   

Curry “camarons”, a shrimp curry with a spicy tomato-based sauce and Creole spices, is a treat for seafood lovers, reflecting the profound influence of Creole cuisine on the island.  

French-influenced Mauritian dishes

The French influence on Mauritian cuisine can be seen in dishes such as “cochon marron” roast and “cœurs de palmier gratin”, adapted with local ingredients. Similarly, daube, traditionally French with beef, takes on new nuances in Mauritius with chicken, venison or octopus, cooked differently but always tasty with rice, salad or achards. 

mauritian cuisine

Street food in Mauritius   

And we can’t forget the street food. Every street corner offers a unique sensory experience, revealing the authentic soul of the island through a variety of tasty, colorful dishes.  

Here are just a few of the street foods you must try when you come on vacation   

Dholl Puri
A flatbread made from chickpea and flour, stuffed with pea curry, rougail, chatini and even a candied chili pepper. A vegetarian version is available, but you can also choose to fill it with chicken or other curries.  

Mauritian dumplings in bowls of 5, 10 or even more
Originating from Asia, you’ll find them on every street in Mauritius in several variants: fish dumplings, meat dumplings, Sao-Mai dumplings and chouchou dumplings.   

Fried snacks
We’re talking about samoussas, “gato pima” or even “gato arouille”.  

Also known as shawarma, is a sandwich filled with grilled chicken and garnished with crudités, onions and various sauces. 

Street food

Mauritian cuisine is much more than just gastronomy. It is a bridge between cultures and eras, where every ingredient and every cooking method tells a unique story. Through its diverse dishes and vibrant flavors, it offers a true culinary journey for those ready to explore its delights. 

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